A selection of Tedtalks

Ricardo Semler ‘How to run a company with almost no rules’

Hamdi Ulukaya ‘The anti-CEO playbook’

Paul Watson ‘Sea Sheperds environmental warriors’ 

Lucy Koechin ‘Power of Corruption’

Sarah Chayes ‘How Government Corruption is a Precursor to Extremism

Tshering Tobgay ‘Carbon Neutral  Butan: Earth for life’

Willie Smits ‘How to restore a a rainforest’

Johan Rockstrom ‘Let the environment guide our development’

Jonathan Drori ‘Why we are storing billions of seeds’

Jonathan Foley ‘The Other Inconvenient Truth’

Global warming ‘Countdown’

Thomas Crowther ‘Biodiversity restoration’

Kate Raworth ‘Doughnut Economics’